best practice

A Life-Guard Consulting Best Practice Analysis can provide the knowledge and education that empowers management to generate savings of both time and money while reducing the risk involved in repeating common mistakes. Your customized best practice audit will ensure continuity and efficiency throughout your network.

A LGC Best Practice Analysis is vital to an operation to accurately identified the necessary changes needed for quick implementation and continuous improvement. Life-Guard Consulting will inspect what you expect.

A Best Practice is a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means.

LGC has identified and documented hundreds of best practices within the areas of safety, security, operations, housekeeping, and compliance. LGC can audit your existing company best practices, or can utilize Six Sigma and Lean methodology to help you create company specific best practices for your team. LGC staff holds Sigma Master Black Belt certification with the Six Sigma Academy.

A Best Practice Analysis can be specifically tailored to fit your business needs, or supplement your existing best practices. The risks of traditional self-auditing practices include underreporting or nonreporting of critical incidents.

LGC will not only help implement best practices throughout your organization, they can regularly audit them for compliance. Additionally they can be your resource to audit your third-party vendors to ensure contractual compliance.