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A Life-Guard Consulting Security Analysis will identify even the smallest vulnerability providing you with common sense, cost-effective solutions for mitigating areas of concern. We will test and evaluate your security model, processes and procedures to identify areas of vulnerability. Clear and professional reports will identify the most cost-effective solutions to help you reach world-class security.

LGC’s Security Analysis evaluates facility perimeters, entry points, access control, camera systems and contracted security service providers. LGC will also evaluate your current security policy and procedure to insure your facility is as secure as possible.

How secure is your facility? Generally speaking, we protect what we value. LGC has conducted security analyses for homes, churches, office buildings, hospitals, distribution warehouses and manufacturing facilities. LGC’s team of security experts are former Federal, State and local law enforcement professionals with over twenty-five years of experience in law enforcement and corporate security. LGC team members are Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) accredited with the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

LGC will evaluate third-party vendors to insure they are meeting contractual obligations and provide an independent review of your security posture, even if you have an established security department in place.

LGC will assist your company in preventing, controlling and responding to workplace violence situations. Every year, 2 million American workers report being victims of workplace violence. LGC has provided workplace violence prevention (WPVP) training for thousands of employees representing many Fortune 500 companies.

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